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Who You Are

Each morning (mostly) I sit snuggled in my favorite corner of the couch, burgundy fleece wrapped around me, Bible and notebook on my lap.

I read Your Word and drink deep the Living Water. And yet something seems…shallow. Wanting.

I’m seeking You…but really seeking myself. For my benefit.

I forget that I thank You because of what You’ve done; but I praise You for who You are.

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I’ve been dipping my toe in the edge of the shoreline, just testing the waters of Your Name. Getting in just enough to say I’ve been there; felt it. But never venturing farther because I like it here on the sand. It’s comfortable and easy.



But there is a need gnawing far deep in a corner of my soul of which I wasn’t even aware; a need burns for more. So much more. That recognizes that beyond my need, You are more. So much more.

So I step back, take a running start and dive headlong into who You are; literally immersing myself in Your character. Swimming in the deep waters of Your heart; Your Name.

Compassionate Father. Loving friend. Ultimate Creator. Breath of Life. Great Provider. Lover of my soul. Patient God. All Powerful God. Tender Shepherd. Living Water. Light of the World. The One Who Sees. The One Who Knows All. Bringer of Justice. Author of my faith. God of the Mountains. My Portion. Spirit of Adoption. Love.

And it’s funny…

The more I lose myself in You…the more I let my mind wander free among the endless plains, the flowered meadows, rolling hills, dense forests and highest snow-capped peaks of who You are, the more I understand who I am. Who You’ve made me to be. Who You are continually making me to be.

How I can understand more of myself by thinking less of me and wholly of You is…miraculous.

And that is so very much of what I need: less of me. More of You.

So for now I will lie back and rest in the crook of Your arm, and gaze far and deep into the infinite sky that is Your eyes and lose myself in Who You Are.

Because of Who You Are.

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2 Responses to “Who You Are”

  1. I love this…
    Reminds me of that Jason Grey song…”More Like Falling in Love”
    I want to know Him.
    Not about Him…not a checklist…I want to know who He is.
    I’m thankful for the way you encourage my heart in the right direction each time I stop by here…appreciated the “Roots” post too!

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