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When the Wipers Are In Sync

Rain Rain Go Away

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I was driving home last night from my weekly grocery shop. I love it because on the way home, the radio station has an hour of just relaxed, chilled out music. It’s a time that refreshes me, as odd as it sounds.

Last night, it was drizzly and cool and dark on my way home. I had the wipers going and was just soaking in the music when out of nowhere the wipers suddenly synced in with the beat of song and for about 10 seconds the whoosh-whoosh of the wipers kept perfect time with cool, smooth chilled out music. And I smiled. It’s happened before, but its been ages. And it always makes me smile. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s my days as a big ole band nerd marching my way through high school (I consider band nerd a term of endearment, by the way). Maybe it’s my love for all things symmetrical and simpatico. Whatever it is, I’ve been chuckling about those 10 seconds of whoosh-whoosh-music perfection since then.

And I can’t help but think about my life. Every now and then, seemingly out of nowhere, something in my life syncs up. Whether it be my marriage, my friendship with Christ, my parenting, or my comfort level within my own skin. And for a few brief seconds, I revel in the random cohesiveness of it all. And, I hold it both vigorously with both hands, and yet lightly, because I know at any second now something will happen and jar it just enough to put one thing half a step behind the other. And thus the moment is gone.

It never lasts as long as I would like. And I can’t predict with things will sync up again. But those few seconds of togetherness bolster me and boost my emotional energy enough to keep me smiling throughout the next phase of the journey as I revel in the randomness of it all. And the beauty of a life filled with random togetherness.

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23 Responses to “When the Wipers Are In Sync”

  1. I wonder sometimes if that isn’t what God wants for me all the time if I could just get out of his way long enough.

  2. Elaine says:

    What a lovely analogy, and truthful too. We gotta take the “in sync” times when they happen and appreciate them, for sure!

  3. Kristi says:

    Beautiful as always! Looking for the in-synch moments today…

  4. Jeff says:

    Maybe more “in sync” time with God and one another–on purpose–and maybe life is less “random”?

  5. Hi there, just stopping by from the Blog Hop. Iā€™m attempting to visit all of the blogs and become a new follower! I wish you much success on your blog! Come visit me sometime soon too! šŸ™‚ Crystal

  6. Gail says:

    This is a great analogy. I love when God gives us something from life to apply to our walk with Him. Thanks for sharing this…I know what you mean! Gail

  7. Sarah Koci Scheilz says:

    Great metaphor. Sometimes I feel like the more I try to get things to sync, the less aligned they seem. And conversely, when I release that control-control-control . . . like magic, it all lines up.

  8. Great metaphor! I agree. Those moments where everything seems in sync are so precious and yet so incredibly fleeting. That’s the beauty of our walk with the Lord. He is always working on us, refining us, transforming us into something better! Blessings to you!

  9. L says:

    Love this!! =) I love when my wipers do this too =)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,


  10. Larry Hehn says:

    Sometimes I even get the turn signal going too. A symphony!

    • Woohoo! Yes, that’s the best!! šŸ™‚ don’t think I’ve ever had the wipers and signal match up with the radio all at the same time…if they do, I may check the eastern sky. Ha!!

  11. Kasey says:

    I love it! I feel like I’m always running just a step behind where I want to be, but maybe that is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And those random moments of syncing up are God’s way of letting me know He’s got it all under control! I love the way your mind works and that things like this catch your attention!

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