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What If….We Really Did It?

Last week I asked myself What If. And you answered. Boy, oh boy, did you answer!

What If generated such huge response, I was overwhelmed by your encouragement, and camaraderie. Thank you!!

Most of the things you all had to say were along the lines of

“I’ve been thinking/feeling the exact same things!”

“I really need to be more proactive in loving people like Christ!”

“I’m gonna go make my own What If list!”

You all confirmed something that has been burning in my heart for far too long now. God is moving among His children to step out from behind the screen (both literal and metaphorical). To step out from behind our protective shields smiles, and be willing to risk big in order to love big.

Not out of some selfish motivation or desire to be seen, or praised, or atta-boy’d. But out of a desire to finally put feet to what we’ve said all along we believe.

To truly follow His example and love. Deeply. Real. Openly. To love when it’s easy. To love when it’s hard. When it makes sense. And when there’s no earthly explanation other than this burning, this yearning deep in your soul to move. Act. Love.

This past week I have been loved by you all. By your encouragement. And by your gentle nudges to not just write it. But to really do it.

And so, dear friends, I once again have asked myself What If…

What if I prayed, listened to His voice and looked to where He points. And then acted. Joined Him.

And then, What If you did, too? And then you? And then that guy over there with the crazy beard who doesn’t look like a Jesus-lover? And that girl with the kids?

What If... we, flawed, imperfect humans really committed to loving like Him. To reach beyond our comfort zones to reach those whom He puts in our path. And then we came back together and reached out to one another? Celebrating when He brings amazing stories of restoration, eyes opened, tears of joy cried from a heart broken, then repaired, by the love of someone unexpected. And embracing and encouraging when we step out in a What If moment and things didn’t go as we’d hoped. Or planned. Or expected. When we feel like our What If failed.

So, I’m throwing it out there…what do you all think? Could we…should we…be a What If community? I’m thinking a weekly time we can gather here and share our What If’s…or our fears about it…the way things went amazingly well…the way things fell utterly apart. Not as some “meme” to garner traffic and links and whatever else we who blog tend to look to garner. But to do none other than support. Encourage. Edify. Praise. Worship. Love.

If you blog, you could share a link to your post about your What If experiences that week. If you don’t blog, share your experience in the comments (you can do that, too, even if you do blog).

Again, the idea isn’t to point to ourselves. But to seek, and offer, accountability and to share life together, even if through a screen, over the internet.

Not a believer/Jesus follower/Christian/person of faith? I don’t want to leave you out! You may know better than any of us who walk this path of faith just how much our lip service and lack of action has done to damage the reputation of Christ. Would you be willing, as we step out in risk, Β to step with us? And ask your self your own What If…and explore what it is that compels us crazy, normal, messed up people to follow a man like none other in history?

So, what do you think? Will you What If this week?

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13 Responses to “What If….We Really Did It?”

  1. Sarah Koci Scheilz says:

    Great idea! I’d love to participate!

  2. This sounds pretty awesome! I love your heart on this! Sounds like something I’d love to be a part of πŸ™‚

  3. Katie says:

    Is this the idea that’s been stewing? I’m so excited!

    It’s so funny, I was doing a lesson with the kids today on listening to the ‘Little Being’ (Holy Spirit) today and I thought ‘you hypocrite, you don’t act on the Holy Spirit and here you are telling the kids that’s what they should be doing!’

    Then I checked my email and saw this! (No coincidences!) I am on board! What if… I actually do this instead of just talking about it? We shall see! Thanks Jen! πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Katie! Yes, this is the idea. πŸ™‚ oh, and I have plenty of those moments. And that’s when I tell the enemy to shut up and get out of my business, and ask the Spirit to give me strength anew. πŸ™‚

  4. Maria says:

    I’ve been struggling with ‘What If’s’ lately … I’m happy to find blogs similar to yours, which are leading me towards being the once spiritual person that I am.

  5. I love this idea and that it is so clearly offered in the spirit of edification and true, gutsy, long-look-in-the-mirror kind of change. I am absolutely on board and will be making my what-if list tonight! Thank you for blessing me today and reminding me of how many opportunities I have to serve Jesus and his loved ones. πŸ™‚

  6. Laura Rath says:

    Awesome idea! God has lead out of my comfort zone over the past year, and here’s the thing about comfort zones…they expand. So, what was unknown and scary last year isn’t that way now. My comfort zone is growing. Where it’s grown has given me the confidence to go even further outside the zone boundaries because I can look back and see that God guided the entire way and never left my side.

    So glad I found you today through Write It, Girl! (I just followed you on Twitter.) πŸ™‚
    In Christ,
    Twitter: @LauraJRath

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