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What A Woman is Worth

I have always struggled with my self esteem. Despite having grown up in a wonderful, warm, loving home with parents who spoke love, value and grace into my life daily, I stuggled to feel valuable. Tormented by bullies and rejected by peers throughout my childhood, I found myself doubting and questioning my true value as a person, but more so as a woman (or blossoming woman, as a young girl). So, when I read this post by Tamara Lunardo, What’s A Girl Worth, I definitely felt like I could relate. Although the circumstances and way in which the message was delivered may have differed, the outcome was the same: the loss of belief in our value in Christ and His place for us in this big, bad world.

What a Woman is Worth

Not long after reading Tamara’s post, I saw the announcement that she and Civitas Press are teaming up for a community project and they need our help! They are looking for women to share their honest stories of their struggle to believe their worth and/or stories that affirm the God-made worth of women and girls. If you are interested, or know someone who would be, you can find the submission information here. As a woman myself, and the mother of two blossoming women, you can bet this issue is near and dear to my heart. If sharing my story can help save even one woman from the hard lessons I’ve had to learn through pain (and am still learning), it’s worth putting aside my pride and risking putting myself out there. Our stories need to be told, for the sake of our daughters, sistes, nieces and friends. By the way, you don’t have to be “a writer” to submit. If you have a story to tell(and we all do), tell it. Tell it openly and honestly and let your heart speak.

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