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Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat

Isaac's kneeI see your small body on the sheet covered gurney; blood staining your knee and your jeans.

Tears stain your cheeks and sweat has matted your hair to your head.

I want to remember how tiny you were are and how things can happen and change in an instant.

Isaac Mickey EarsI see you standing in front of the ginormous ride, both terrified and chomping at the bit to go.

You squeal, laugh, whoop and holler with hands raised. Joy radiating from your face.

I want to remember the reckless abandon with which you experienced this place; believe the magic without question.

I hear your sweet voice ask for the umpteenth time today, “Up-y, up-y, mommy. I snuggle you.”

I scoop you up onto my lap and we snuggle and sway; rock and hum.

I’m treasuring each of these moments deep in my mother’s heart. Storing them away for future use.

You’re so brave, so strong, so full of joy.

You laugh with out restraint, love without clause, and live without limits.

I want to remember these days when you’re too big to hold; to manly to snuggle; but hopefully you’ll never outgrow your compulsion to laugh, love and live to your heart’s content.


I’ve linked up with the tribe over at LisaJo’s place for Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt was: Remember.
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20 Responses to “Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat”

  1. AlyssaZ says:

    Oh I love your sweet mama heart! I wish I could record all those memories with my eyes and replay them to Baby Girl when she is all grown up!

  2. onefunmom says:

    Me too, Jennifer! I want to remember all of the cute things said and the sweet sighs. When she went without her paci for a night and I asked if she had been a little bit sad. She shook her head and I said a surprised, “Oh!” And she corrected me, “SO MUCH sad.”

  3. Is there anything as wonderful as the wild abandon of childhood! And I love that lopsided Mickey hat!

  4. amypboyd says:

    When my were little I just wanted to remember all the things about them but now I pray they also remember. That they remember the good times, and even the bad.

  5. Lisa Blake says:

    Your description of the tug on the heart strings made up in the days we raise our children is so beautiful! I felt the love right there with you today – and oh yes ! Let’s store up those precious memories and never forget! Thanks for sharing your heart and words today.

  6. Heather says:

    And oh how quickly that day when he won’t be so snuggly will come. You go along thinking you’ve got plenty of time… Just a few years ago I was looking down at my boys and now they tower over me (both over 6 ft.) I am blessed that one of them is still quite affectionate.
    Girls are a little different, they remain more tender, though maybe not in public. Ha!
    Your thoughts are so sweet and dear.

  7. Laura Hedgecock says:

    My kids are 16 and 19 now. It does go in a flash, but all those moments in my memory are a great comfort. And mine haven’t outgrown the laughter and abandon, although whether or not that’s always a good thing is debatable.

    Very loving post. Thanks.

    Laura Hedgecock

  8. ruthpovey says:

    Love the pictures! Wonderful post

  9. I love taking time to really let the memories sink in or to look back through photos and just remember…a beautiful post.
    So…tell me the story behind the hospital trip…that wasn’t on this US excursion though was it?

    • Hi! 🙂 yeah, it happened a week ago. 🙁 He fell on some bleachers that the safety cap had fallen off and gashed his knee. Ended up with 5 or 6 stitches. 🙁 Thsnkfulky it wasn’t much, much worse!!

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