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The Final Salute

This poem is inspired by, and dedicated to, all our military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first-responders – but most especially the 19 Prescott Hot Shots who gave their lives serving others. And for their families.

PrescottFireLastCallThe kids are all snug, tucked into bed
Kisses from mama, hugs from dad
We sleep soundly deep
And wake rested anew
With hardly a thought of
What you’ve had to do

Your wife hardly sleeps
Pacing a track on the floor
One ear cocked for the phone
One eye watching the door
No dreams grace her head
‘Til you’re home safe once more

You don’t get to rest,
You’re ready to leap
When the bell sounds,
In waking or sleep
It matters not what disaster befalls,
You set dreams aside to answer the call

You’re first on the scene,
To enter the fray
In the path of the bullet
Or the fire to spray
‘It’s just part of the job’
Yet you save the day

You run hard into danger
When no one should stay
You fight in dark places
Pitch black, though it’s day
Your hand reaches out to protect and defend
Knowing at any moment it may come to an end

You’re everyday heroes
But you don’t see it that way
You’re father and brother
You’re sister and friend
You lay all things aside
For our lives to defend

Mere words seem so futile
‘Thank you’ can’t convey
The deepest of gratitidue
We wish we could say
For it falls oh so short
Of the price that you pay

But since there are no
Deeper words to express
What we feel in our hearts
These will have to suffice:
Thank you so very much
For your daily sacrifice.

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2 Responses to “The Final Salute”

  1. Kasey Norton says:

    I LOVE THIS! My husband is a firefighter and this totally captured the essence of what these men and women do. AWESOME!

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