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The Dancing Princess: A Mother’s Letter to Her Daughter

You twirl and sway around the room. Into the hall. The living room. Kitchen.

Look at me, Mommy! Look at this!

I look and my heart both soars with joy and pride; and breaks at how quickly you are growing. How can you look so small and so grown up at the same time?

A fairy one minute.

A serious, studious reader the next.

One minute a princess.

The next, a mini-mommy, caring for your sister and brother with a tenderness that astounds me.

In your daily escapades through Kingdoms explored, balls attended, princes met, weddings commenced, I see a glimpse of the young lady God is molding you to be.

You have a strong sense of justice, like a true Princess presiding over her subjects, you desire that rights be right and wrongs be righted. May it ever be so, my special girl.

 You have a deep, strong passion for learning and reading. You gladly choose a book, information leaflet, napkin with writing on it over a toy or other venture of entertainment. May your heart always fill with satisfaction and drive you with a love to learn and grow.

You love music, dance – all things creative. May you never lose your sense of wonder and joy in these things as the seriousness of life comes as you grow and mature. If these things truly feed your soul, I pray you always have ways to embark and experiment and experience these things.

 You have a curious mind, always searching and seeking, asking, questioning, pondering. You remember the tiniest of details, and long to find answers and solutions. May your seeking heart not only send you seeking and striving for tangible answers and solutions to your questions and problems; but also straight to the arms of the One who has all the answers, Namely the answer to your heart’s biggest question and desire.

 You have a compassion and empathy for others rarely seen in a child so young. May God deepen and develop that compassion in your sweet heart. May it spur you to serve others and, combined with your sense of justice, move you to action and aid of those who cannot help or defend themselves.

 You are a princess, my sweet special girl. You are a daughter of the King, created for good. There is a Plan and Purpose for you life greater than you, or you Daddy and I, could ever dream. My prayer for you as you turn 7 – as you begin to cross the threshold from little girl to young lady – is that your year is full of joy, fun, learning and growth. And that this year your sweet, compassionate, justice-seeking heart finds what it truly seeks.

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13 Responses to “The Dancing Princess: A Mother’s Letter to Her Daughter”

  1. This post was a little strange to read….because it describes my own daughter so very well. She’ll be 7 in March.

    Happy birthday to your sweet dancing princess!

  2. Elaine says:

    This is SO beautiful. Your words to her mean so much and I’m KNOW she will love to read them herself. 😉 Happy Birthday to her!

  3. HeatherB says:

    Darn you for making me a bit weepy on a Monday 🙂 A beautiful letter to your daughter!

  4. So tender and true. Thanks for sharing your love for your daughter with all of us!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little girl! What a beautiful post – she’ll treasure your words for years to come!! 🙂

  6. Tiffany says:

    I love letters from mamas to their daughters. Gets me misty. every. single. time.

    Stopping by from commit2write.

  7. Sara Shay says:

    Oh tears at my own little one who is growing so fast!

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