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Risk and Reward

I’m joining the fun over at LisaJo Baker’s place today with another wild and crazy Five Minute Friday post! The idea is to write for 5 minutes flat, no editing. Just writing from the heart.

Today’s prompt: Risk


For so long the risk seemed to outweigh the reward.

So, I kept it to myself. Played it close to the vest. Tucked it away in the deepest parts of who I am, until I wasn’t sure who that was anymore.


Now I’m no longer convinced that hiding and hoarding and protecting myself is the best way of actually protecting. Myself.

The risk…the risk in not being vulnerable; building walls around the most intimate pieces of my heart, is far too great.

This day, I embrace the risk.

The risk of loving fully. Being fully known. Truly. Deeply.

I embrace the terrifying freedom of letting it all be known. And seen. And heard.

To speak my heart. And let you hear it.

To open my heart. And let you fill it.

For I know, deep in the darkest corners of my soul, to not risk to love is to risk losing all that which I love.

I place my trembling hand in yours and step on shaky footing to walk this high-wire act called life.

And the reward…far outweighs the risk.


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14 Responses to “Risk and Reward”

  1. Linda Stoll says:


    Playing so close to the vest ends up isolating us. Stepping out can surely open our hearts and enlarge our borders!

  2. Tanya Marlow says:

    Love is a risk…perhaps the biggest risk. So glad you are stepping out and being vulnerable and real – hoping that people see that and honour it. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.

  3. Sylvia R says:

    Beautiful thoughts here.

    I once read somewhere that the word Hell comes from an old English word meaning, “wall.”
    Walls can isolate and imprison us, and the fear of loving is such a wall. To love is to risk, and it may cost, but as you say, choosing not to is risking, too — risking very precious things.

    Thank you for this good reminder.

  4. tereasamansfield says:

    “The risk is not being vulnerable.” So true! The things we do to keep ourselves safe are the very things that harm us. Enjoy the risks you’ve decided to embrace!

  5. Love this…and you…all of it.
    The vulnerability creates a path for intimacy…and genuine relationship–
    Both horizontally and vertically.

  6. Elaine says:

    You always make me think, my friend. Thank you for that. πŸ™‚

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