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Manger Mondays: Advent Link Up Week 4 (on Tuesday)

I really can’t believe Christmas had already come and gone! We have really missed doing our Truth in the Tinsel activities the past couple of days! I won’t lie, it got a bit crazy there at the end. We combined a few days, and skipped one or two altogether, but it was truly a wonderful time with my girls, and I look forward to when the Man Cub can fully participate with us (other than gnawing on pipe cleaners and trying to shampoo with glitter)!

This last week before Christmas was particularly chaotic for our family. Not only was it busy, but it was full of lots of heart to hearts, intnal reflection, and some family changes. I apologize that I do not have pictures of the last week, but such is life. The true gem for me came on Christmad morning when the kids’ surrogate aunt and uncle stopped by. They saw our garland on the banister in the entry way and asked what all the stuff was. The girls were able to recall just about every craft and what it stood for! I whispered a heartfelt prayer of thanks,particularly after the week we had had. He was keeping His promise that His Word will never return void.

The other truly magical time came on Christmas Eve night. The clue that night was “cross”. We read the Scripture talking about how Jesus didn’t hold Himself in such high regard that He insisted holding onto His Supernatural title. Instead, He humbled Himself to the place of a servant and was obedient in all things, even to death in a cross. We kept the craft very simple and just twisted 2 pipe cleaners into the shape of a cross. Nothing truly earth shattering was said or done, but it was a sweet time of reflection and gratitude to Christ for what He had done. And realizing that the only reason He was born as a human was so He could die, so we could be with Him forever.

I hope your time of Advent has blessed you as much as it has me. Our girls are already talking about doing it next year, what kinds of supplies we could get to add or change things, and how Man Cub will get to do it, etc. I pray your New Year is truly blessed and you find yourself even more ingratiated to the King this time next year.

Now it’s your turn! Link up your posts about the final week of Advent, or your Christmas celebrations. Thank you for your participation! I’ve been truly blessed by each and every one of you who has linked up!

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One Response to “Manger Mondays: Advent Link Up Week 4 (on Tuesday)”

  1. Deanna says:

    Thanks for sharing your month with us. I also had an incredible experience with Gavin and my heart was overwhelmed every time he could recall the story as we looked at his crafts. God is so awesome!

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