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It’s Yours

I have this dream. You gave it to me. I hold it here in my hands; close to my heart.

This dream I used to carry buried deep in my soul I now clench tightly outside myself; willing it to fruition.

The others…they come around me, reaching, grabbing. Trying to snatch it away from me. They think they can tend it better. Or that I can’t tend it at all. I’m not sure which.


Photo by elise.y

So, I offer it back to You.

“It’s Yours.”

Hands up and extend to your Palm and offer it back.

Yet You don’t take it.

You just smile gently.

“Here! It’s Yours! You gave it to me, but I’m giving it back to You. You’ll care for it far better than I can. This dream will grow and flourish with you. Look how little I’ve done it on my own.”

Still, you sit and smile. Hands folded gently on your lap.

“Take it!!” I scream, face red, heart indignant. “Don’t you want it? It’s my offering! It’s for You!”

“TAKE IT!” I screech again.

Then they catch my eye…knuckles white, grasping hard and fast to this dream. This offering. I hold it up to You while still trying to hold it for myself.

Slowly I open my hand; fingers trembling; tears pouring.

I’ve never been so afraid.

And so at peace.

I lay it on Your lap. And sit at Your feet.

And You smile.

And You lift it up. And in an instant it’s beautiful.

This is my Five Minute Friday prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker. This week’s theme is Grasp. I’ve also linked this post up with The Better Mom

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10 Responses to “It’s Yours”

  1. atshaibu says:

    Hi, checkin in from 5minuteFriday. I love these “I lay it on your lap. And sit at Your feet. And you smile. And you lift it up. And in an instant it’s beautiful”. So much tossed in all these few words. I’m so at peace right now,thanks for sharing!

  2. Becky Daye says:

    Your words never fail to move me in new ways. This is beautiful, Jennifer!

  3. Julie Anne says:

    Oh so often I try to give things to God while still holding on to a small part of it! I think I’m there with my writing/blogging, too! Thanks for the reminder to open wide my hands! 🙂

  4. Just when I think I’ve let go, my pinky starts cramping from clenching on so hard! lol Beautiful, Friend. and so true.


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