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Help?! {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}

The pain was non-stop now as the contractions came one on top of another. I desperately needed to push, but the doctors said I couldn’t yet without risking damage to myself or the baby. I was really starting to rethink this whole “miracle of natural childbirth” thing, and I started to panic. I began to focus on the pain, fear, and sheer magnitude of what was about to happen. I can’t do this; it’s impossible; I’ve changed my mind!! Then, I saw it: my husband’s face, inches from mine, eyes wide in no-nonsense-listen-to-me fashion.

“Jen, focus. Breathe. Look at mebreathe.”

I remember that moment during the birth of my first child like it was yesterday. I remember it as vividly as I remember my first glimpse of my precious baby girl. And I remember the choice I made. My first reaction to his help was to tell him to go take a hike. He had no idea what kind of pain I was in. No. Idea. Who does he think he is telling me what to do?! No uterus, no opinion!!! Okay, okay, I had asked him to support me in my dream of natural childbirth. Yes, I had asked him to get firm with me if I started to panic, lose it, or freak out. But that was before…

I am guest posting today over at The Better Mom (as in, Please, God make me a better mom. Not, I am the better mom in this situation. 😉 ) Please hop on over there to read the rest, and don’t forget to show some comment love. 🙂 Thanks!

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