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Grace Is…

I sit at your feet pouring my heart out. I’ve given up. Again. I’m starting over. Again.

Grace is listening to me cry and hurt and moan.

Grace is lifting my eyes to see You again.

Grace is taking my hand in Your’s and taking the first step with me. Again.

Grace is loving me the same today as You did yesterday. Good days, and bad.

Grace is gently whispering the way to go. Left. Right. Forward.

And not rolling your eyes when I ask, “Are You sure?” Again.

Hand Holding Autumn Leaves

Grace is not an excuse for or permission to offend. Or hurt. Or belittle.

On the contrary.

Grace is the freedom to allow others to experience Your grace just as freely as I do.


Grace is You.

Photo by Pink Sherbert Photography

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7 Responses to “Grace Is…”

  1. kara@thechuppies says:

    I love this.
    Last night while washing dishes I was just thinking that we need a good post explaining grace. The word is tossed around quite a bit these days…and then I saw your title in my side bar 🙂
    Beautiful picture.

  2. lyonsroarforgod says:

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for helping me to remember, yet again, God’s amazing grace to me and all of us. 🙂 Have a great day! Lisa

  3. Genevieve Thul @ Turquoise Gates says:

    I am quitting a bad habit (again). Needed to read this today!!

  4. Beautiful post! I am in awe of God’s grace… just this Tuesday I wrote a little post about how wonderful and thankful I am for His grace and mercy!!! Stopping by from Thought provoking Thursday… Blessings

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