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Everything You Need to Start a Blog

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So, you’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but just can’t bring yourself to actually do it. Is it fear holding you back? Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to start?
When you’re launching a blog, the last thing you can probably afford is hiring a coach to guide you through every single step you need to be successful.
But what if you could get access to a bunch of guides to help you get started on your blog without spending an enormous amount of money?
Want to learn how to:
  • Set up your WordPress blog with the BECOME eCourse by Dollie Freeman (value $99)
  • Get traffic to your new blog with the Blog by Number eCourse by Suzi Whitford (value $47)
  • Break into the blogging sphere with the Blog Start-Up 101 eCourse by Crystal Paine (value $37)
  • Pick your niche with Abby Lawson’s eCourse: Choosing your perfect niche (value $10)
  • Understand Google Analytics with the How to Master Google Analytics from the Beginning eBook by Dawn Aldridge (value $6.99)
  • Create an action plan with Bob Lotich’s My 14-point Blog Startup checklist by Bob Lotich (value $19)
  • Start earning with the Profitable Blogging for Beginners: the 4 week online class by Tanya Peterson (value $97)
  • And finally, get the exact steps to blogging success with the eBook The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: Everything you Need to Know to Start  a Profitable Blog by Sarah Brooks (value $12)
These 8 resources together cost $327.99, but they’re all inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.
You know what that means? You can get everything I listed (plus 83 other resources!) when you buy the Toolkit for $97!
Don’t be afraid to start.

You can get the tools – from people who started where you are right now – to get the successful blog of your dreams!

Grab your copy now here! 

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