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In A Courtyard of Stone

We enter the empty courtyard on a brisk Sunday morning. The sky, a cloudless azure, is a stark and beautiful backdrop to the towering stone spires and turrets hovering above. We are stopped in our tracks by the beauty. The stature. The solitude. The silence. We stood there for an eternity – though really only a moment or two – and took it all in. A lone bench stood sentry between two bare trees. The...

From Sea to Shining Sea: Tips for Helping Ex-Pats’ American Re-Entry

So you have family or friends living overseas, and they’re coming back to America! Whether they are coming for a short vacation,  a few months, or moving back permanently, you’re ecstatic and can’t wait to see them. Right? If they’re anything like me and my family, they can’t wait either! We have been back in the States for almost six months now, and I feel like our re-entry back into...

If You Came to My Village

If you came to my wee village in the west of Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day, it might look a little bit different than you expect. It might be more subdued. There might be less green. There certainly wouldn’t be any pinching. But it would no doubt be an experience that you would take with you and think of fondly for the rest of your life. You might even say it was magical. If you came to my village for...

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