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Are We There Yet?

On a recent family trip to London, one thing stood out to my children above all others. Bigger than the London Eye, more impressive than the Crown Jewels, even more memorable than the mac’n’cheese at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The walking.

We walked everywhere. And we walked for ages, and ages. At least in their little minds, and to their little feet, we did. Now bear in mind, we live in a small village in rural Ireland. There’s just not that much within walking distance, and if you do walk somewhere, you are likely taking your life in your hands because there are either no sidewalks, or they are really, really narrow. So, needless to say, we drive just about everywhere we have to go.

Now, I have to say, they were real troopers. I was worried about how they would fare navigating the underground, hopping on and off buses and trains, being schlepped here, there and everywhere by their well-meaning parents who were going to “show them some history.” However, there’s apparently something highly exotic and exciting about getting to go somewhere with no seatbelt and standing up! Exotic and exciting aside, there was often just One thing they wanted to know:

Are we there yet?!?

I couldn’t blame them, really. Sometimes the question was asked out of excitement. Take, for instance, the Crown Jewels. Having watched the royal wedding, and nearly every Disney princess movie known to man, they were giddy with excitement about seeing the queen’s crown. So, the hour long tour we took before entering the jewel house was, to them, nothing short of medieval torture. Other times, it was asked from sheer exhaustion. Like when we walked for over half an hour in the wrong direction towards our dinner destination, only to have to retrace our steps and cross the city and then still have to wait nearly two hours for a table.

In either case, every time they asked the question, I tried to point out all of the great things we were seeing along the way. But they just weren’t interested. They had their eyes on the “prize”, and nothing was going to distract them.

It was sometime during one of these lovely little exchanges with my wee cherubs that it hit me like a ton of bricks. I might as well have been a pot trying to get the attention of my two little kettles. My entire life flashed before my eyes (only not in that weird pre-death sense).

A good chunk of my life has been spent riding the “are we there yet?” underground train. I hop on the train, wait for that one thing – an engagement ring, the wedding, a baby, that baby to sleep through the night, etc. – and then surface just long enough to see my destination. Then I submerge again until the next thing. In the meantime, how many wonderful things do I miss out on along the way because I just want to be there?

I think, if only I can get there, I’ll be happy and can enjoy the journey. The only problem is, there never feels like there! There will always be another there. Another tooth to break through, another grumpy teacher to deal with, another pound to lose, another medical battle to fight.

Meanwhile, I’m missing out on life. You see, it was in those two hours waiting for a table that we had some of the best conversations with the people we were with. It was on those long walks between sights that I got to hold my daughter’s hand, or carry my son, and listen to their stories and questions and songs. The best parts of my vacation happened between all of the “must sees.” I need to take a lesson from London and experience and enjoy the journey as much as the destinations along the way.

What about you? What is your “there” right now? Are you missing out on things you could be enjoying?

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5 Responses to “Are We There Yet?”

  1. charity says:

    That is so true- I’m always looking for the next thing. It’s a hard lesson for me to learn- just to stop and enjoy the phase we are in. Thanks! Loved this post! 🙂

  2. Spoken with true wisdom…….a lesson well learned! As I think back through all my ‘experiences’, it’s often the relationship times that stand out 🙂

  3. Elisabeth says:

    So True, I always think one of these days when the kids are teenagers, they are not going to want to hold hands with me, let me hold them or kiss their sweet faces. I am really trying to cherish the time while them let me do those things!

  4. Jessica says:

    Ugh, I’m not even sure I know where “there” is anymore. *shakes head* For self-proclaimed “nomadic” family, we sure have been stationary lately.

    But I definitely learned how to better be awake in the moment these last couple of years. It’s a hard and important lesson to learn, fo sho.

    • I know what you mean. We’ve moved, basically, every 2-3 years of our married life…twice we’ve moved overseas! We’ve been here about 2.5 years and, thankfully, this is home. I feel settled and welcome here. But my heart is rarely content…I’m always wishing things away, usually so I can indulge in some kind of selfish comfort or gain.

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