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When Motherhood Doesn’t Make Sense

It’s a very interesting thing, Motherhood. It’s the ultimate battle of wills between selfishness and selflessness. I remember the first time I every truly pondered this struggle over several nights as I, nursing my own cold, had been nursing my then youngest as she dealt with her own ear infection—up all night crying, unconsolable, not wanting to be with anyone but Mommy. Yes, it’s an odd place to...

From One Working Mom to Another

Although I’ve been a working mom for nearly all of my children’s lives, the majority of that employment was quite non-traditional. As I’ve ventured into the world of working outside the home again, I’ve struggled with lots of feelings from guilt to frustration to enjoyment. I notice other working moms more readily, and I see in their eyes the same struggles I work to hind behind my own....

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